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Nurture Natal Online Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes

Nurture Natal - Online Courses for aspiring student midwives


*The KG Method is taught by qualified members of the hypnobirthing association



Taught by a multi qualified midwife, teacher and IBCLC.  I have taught antenatal classes to in excess of 100,000 women across the UK over the last decade.

Our online private Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course costs £299 per couple and covers a hypnobirthing syllabus alongside everything you would expect from a comprehensive course of antenatal classes - all in one condensed package.  You will be given information on;

How the body works in all stages of labour

Routine hospital or homebirth practices

How to optimise the environment to help you to achieve a calm birth

The role of an effective birth partner

How to work together with the medical professionals caring from you

Includes bonus access to an Natural Breastfeeding programme module

KG Hypnobirthing is a technique that pregnant people (or couples) can use to help them to release any fear they have associated with childbirth.  Deep relaxation, releasing fear and tension can allow you to have an instinctive, calmer and more comfortable birth, whether a normal delivery or a caesarean birth. Techniques are easy to learn and include using visualisation whilst performing breathing during relaxation exercises. By practicing the positive techniques women are given the tools which will allow them to reduce their stress and fatigue, supporting the release of oxytocin and helping their body to give birth as nature intended.

For couples, hypnobirthing is a wonderful way of bringing you closer together as you prepare for and enjoy the arrival of your baby. Birth partners also enjoy having a more clearly defined role during the labour and birth.  Private and bespoke courses available.  Our course is a condensed programme designed to reduce the cost and time commitment necessary to complete it but you will still get everything you need

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