Beautiful, professional balloon displays for Weddings, Parties and Any Occasion

Beechwoood, Malton Road,

York YO32 9TH

t: 01904 422766 / 431143

Services we offer...

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  Balloon decorations for weddings are our speciality
  Corporate Functions
  Balloon decorations for parties, christenings and any occasion
  Exploding Balloons
  Table Decorations including sugar almond favours
  Balloon In A Box - Nationwide Service

Helium Gas Hire & Filling Service

  Balloon Printing & Promotions
  Clouds & Arches - Releases
  Champagne Bottles & Bubble Stream
  Balloon Bouquets
  Air Walkers

The Balloon Displays Available (contact us for price details):

Bouquets of helium filled balloons for table decorations:


Bouquets of 3, 5 or 7 11" Qualatex balloons

Bouquets of 3, 5 or 7 18" Foil balloons

Spiral arch (solid twisted garland archway)

Single archway

Confetti balloons

Exploding balloon (60 tiny balloons and confetti)

Feather bomb (30" balloon containing 30 tiny balloons, confetti and feathers)

Balloon inside a 16" clear balloon

4 balloons inside a clear balloon

4ft Swirled horseshoe

4ft Swirled numbers or initials

6ft / 10ft Swirled columns

Balloon trees

Buffet / Wedding / Cake tables dresses

High floating canopy

Illuminated arches

Walk through heart

Latex balloon bouquets






Floor standing bouquets:


Bouquets of 15 Latex balloons


Bouquets of 10, 11 or 15 Foil balloons